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ID Name Organism Class Average Mass
612 Helianthus annuus PawS1 Helianthus annus BBI-like trypsin inhibitor 16999.82
611 PawS2 - annuus Helianthus annus PawS-Derived Peptides (PDPs) 15332.87
610 Helianthus tuberosus PawS1 Helianthus tuberosus BBI-like trypsin inhibitor 18720.57
609 Helianthus exilis PawS1 Helianthus exilis BBI-like trypsin inhibitor 17162.92
608 PawS2 - argophyllus Helianthus argophyllus PawS-Derived Peptides (PDPs) 15326.92
607 SFT-L1 Helianthus annus
Helianthus argophyllus
PawS-Derived Peptides (PDPs) 1203.35