Solution structure of kalata B7(69) Structure Card

General Information
Name Solution structure of kalata B7
Class Cyclotide
Organism Oldenlandia affinis
Geophila repens
Type NMR

Koehbach,J., O Brien,M., Muttenthaler,M., Miazzo,M., Akcan,M., Elliott,A.G., Daly,N.L., Harvey,P.J., Arrowsmith,S., Gunasekera,S., Smith,T.J., Wray,S., Goransson,U., Dawson,P.E., Craik,D.J., Freissmuth,M. and Gruber,C.W. (2013) Oxytocic plant cyclotides as templates for peptide G protein-coupled receptor ligand design. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A 110:21183-21188

Protein kalata B7
Links PDB 2M9O

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