SFTI-1(81) Protein Card

General Information
Name SFTI-1
Class BBI-like trypsin inhibitor
Technique MS,PCR,NGS
Average Mass 1513.79
Monoisotopic Mass 1512.72
m/z M+H 1513.79
ProteinType Wild type
Organism Helianthus annus
Helianthus exilis
Helianthus tuberosus
Helianthus porteri
Helianthus praecox subsp. praecox
Helianthus schweinitzii
Cyclic Yes

Protease inhibition
Matriptase inhibitory activity of SFTI-2 is 25-fold less potent than native, while SFTI-3 exhibits similar potency. [...]Jiang S et al. (2007) Org Lett 9:9-12
12 SFTI alanine mutants were tested for inhibitory activity against bovine trypsin. K5A mutant shows the weakest activity. [...]Daly NL et al. (2006) J Biol Chem 281:23668-75
Ki calculated for a range of SFTI-1 analogues against trypsin and chymotrypsin. [...]Descours A et al. (2002) Chembiochem 3:318-23
Bifunctional analogues of SFTI-1 found to have trypsin and chymotrypsin inhibitory activity. [...]Jaulent AM and Leatherbarrow RJ (2004) Protein Eng Des Sel 17:681-7
SFTI-1 immobilised on gold and interaction with trypsin investigated. [...]Ohtsuka K et al. (2004) Analyst 129:888-9
SFTI-1, an acyclic permutant and a [CYS-Abu]-cyclic mutant shown to possess potent trypsin inhibitory activity. [...]Zablotna E et al. (2002) Biochem Biophys Res Commun 292:855-9
SFTI-1 was found to have nano-molar inhibitory effect against matriptase and trypsin. [...]Long YQ et al. (2001) Bioorg Med Chem Lett 11:2515-9
Both SFTI-1 and acyclic SFTI-1 are potent inhibitors of bovine beta trypsin [...]Korsinczky ML et al. (2001) J Mol Biol 311:579-91
Enzymatic Digest
Bifunctional analogues of SFTI-1 found to be resistant to hydrolysis by trypsin. [...]Jaulent AM and Leatherbarrow RJ (2004) Protein Eng Des Sel 17:681-7

Korsinczky ML, Schirra HJ, Rosengren KJ, West J, Condie BA, Otvos L, Anderson MA, Craik DJ (2001) Solution structures by 1H NMR of the novel cyclic trypsin inhibitor SFTI-1 from sunflower seeds and an acyclic permutant. J Mol Biol 311:579-91
Long YQ, Lee SL, Lin CY, Enyedy IJ, Wang S, Li P, Dickson RB, Roller PP (2001) Synthesis and evaluation of the sunflower derived trypsin inhibitor as a potent inhibitor of the type II transmembrane serine protease, matriptase. Bioorg Med Chem Lett 11:2515-9
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Protein precursor(s) Helianthus exilis PawS1
Helianthus tuberosus PawS1
Helianthus porteri PawS1 [partial]
Helianthus praecox PawS1 [partial]
Helianthus schweinitzii PawS1 (aPawS1)
Helianthus schweinitzii PawS1 (cPawS1)
Helianthus schweinitzii PawS1 (bPawS1)
Helianthus annuus PawS1
Nucleic acids
Structure SFTI-1
Crystal structure of bovine trypsin complexed with sfti-1 analog containing a peptoid residue at position p1
Crystal Structure of MT-SP1 in complex with SFTI-1
Links GenBank CAJ19097.1
SwissProt Q4GWU5