tricyclon A(7) Protein Card

General Information
Name tricyclon A
Class Cyclotide
Technique MS
Average Mass 3480.89
Monoisotopic Mass 3478.35
m/z M+H 3480.89
ProteinType Wild type
Organism Viola odorata
Viola tricolor
Viola arvensis
Notes Tricyclon A was also found in the petiole tissue Viola odorata by Aslam et al. (2022) using UPLC-Q-TOF/MS and LC-MS/MS analysis.
Cyclic Yes

Kalata B8 showed anti-HIV and cytotoxic activity. Tricyclon A did not show anti-HIV or cytotoxic activity. [...]Daly NL et al. (2006) Biochem J 393:619-26
Tricyclon A has minimal haemolytic activity [...]Mulvenna JP et al. (2005) Structure (Camb) 13:691-701
Chemical Shift
Chemical shift data for tricyclon A [...]

Mulvenna JP, Sando L, Craik DJ (2005) Processing of a 22 kDa Precursor Protein to Produce the Circular Protein Tricyclon A. Structure (Camb) 13:691-701
Hellinger,R., Koehbach,J., Soltis,D.E., Carpenter,E.J., Wong,G.K. and Gruber,C.W. (2015) Peptidomics of Circular Cysteine-Rich Plant Peptides: Analysis of the Diversity of Cyclotides from Viola tricolor by Transcriptome and Proteome Mining. J. Proteome Res. 14:4851-4862
Aslam,L., Kaur,R., Sharma,V., Kapoor,N. and Mahajan,R. (2021) Isolation and characterization of cyclotides from the leaves of Viola odorata L. using peptidomic and bioinformatic approach. 3 Biotech 11:211-0
Aslam,L., Kaur,R., Hussain,S., Kapoor,N., and Mahajan,R. (2022) LC-MS/MS identification and structural characterization of isolated cyclotides from precursor sequences of Viola odorata L. petiole tissue using computational approach. J Biosci 47:50-0

Protein precursor(s) tricyclon precursor (partial)
Tricyclon A precursor (partial)
Tricyclon A precursor (partial)
Tricyclon A precursor (partial)
Nucleic acids
Structure Solution structure of the cyclotide tricyclon A
Links GenBank 1YP8_A
SwissProt P0C589-1