segetalin A(616) Protein Card

General Information
Name segetalin A
Alternative name(s) vaccarin D
Sequence GVPVWA
Class Orbitide
Average Mass 609.73
Monoisotopic Mass 609.33
m/z M+H 610.34
ProteinType Wild type
Organism Vaccaria hispanica
Notes estrogen-like activity
Cyclic Yes

No assays found

Condie JA, Nowak G, Reed DW, Balsevich JJ, Reaney MJ, Arnison PG, Covello PS (2011) The biosynthesis of Caryophyllaceae-like cyclic peptides in Saponaria vaccaria L. from DNA-encoded precursors. Plant J 67:682-90
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Morita H, Yun YS, Takeya K, Itokawa H, Shirota O (1997) Thionation of segetalins A and B, cyclic peptides with estrogen-like activity from seeds of Vaccaria segetalis Bioorg Med Chem 5:631-636
Sonnet P, Petit L, Marty D, Guillon J, Rochettea J, Brion J-D (2001) First synthesis of segetalin A and analogous cyclohexapeptides Tetrahedron Lett 42:1681-1683

Protein precursor(s) presegetalin A1
Nucleic acids
Links GenBank AEG75782.1
SwissProt F6LNL5