Vodo L1(452) Protein Card

General Information
Name Vodo L1
Alternative name(s) cycloviolacin B17,Viba 16
Class Cyclotide
Technique MS
Average Mass 3029.50
Monoisotopic Mass 3027.25
m/z M+H 3029.5
ProteinType Wild type
Organism Viola odorata
Viola baoshanensis
Notes Zhang et al. (2009) published this peptide as Viba16 but with an altered sequence (in Table 2; position 25 I>V) despite having access to the nucleotide sequence (Figure 3 and in GenBank). Zhang et al. (2009) did not do MS sequencing. The present sequence displaying an Ile was confirmed independently by Aslam et al. (2021), who named the peptide Vodo L1.
Cyclic Yes

No assays found

Zhang J, Liao B, Craik DJ, Li J-T, Hu M, Shu W (2009) Identification of two suites of cyclotide precursor genes from metallophyte Viola baoshanensis: cDNA sequence variation, alternative RNA splicing and potential cyclotide diversity Gene 431:23-32
Aslam,L., Kaur,R., Sharma,V., Kapoor,N. and Mahajan,R. (2021) Isolation and characterization of cyclotides from the leaves of Viola odorata L. using peptidomic and bioinformatic approach. 3 Biotech 11:211-0

Protein precursor(s) cyclotide precursor 7b
Nucleic acids cyclotide precursor 7b mRNA
Links SwissProt B5B3Z6

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