Viba 15(386) Protein Card

General Information
Name Viba 15
Alternative name(s) cycloviolacin B7
Class Cyclotide
Technique MS
Average Mass 2862.25
Monoisotopic Mass 2860.13
m/z M+H 2862.25
ProteinType Wild type
Organism Viola odorata
Viola tricolor
Viola baoshanensis
Viola philippica
Notes predicted from precursor
Cyclic Yes

No assays found

Zhang J, Liao B, Craik DJ, Li J-T, Hu M, Shu W (2009) Identification of two suites of cyclotide precursor genes from metallophyte Viola baoshanensis: cDNA sequence variation, alternative RNA splicing and potential cyclotide diversity Gene 431:23-32
He,W., Chan,L.Y., Zeng,G., Daly,N.L., Craik,D.J. and Tan,N. (2011) Isolation and characterization of cytotoxic cyclotides from Viola philippica. Peptides 32:1719-1723
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Aslam,L., Kaur,R., Sharma,V., Kapoor,N. and Mahajan,R. (2021) Isolation and characterization of cyclotides from the leaves of Viola odorata L. using peptidomic and bioinformatic approach. 3 Biotech 11:211-0

Protein precursor(s) Viola baoshanensis cyclotide precursor 7
prcVodo P40 [partial]
Nucleic acids Viola baoshanensis cyclotide precursor 7 mRNA
Links SwissProt A5YRZ4

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