cycloviolacin O12(38) Protein Card

General Information
Name cycloviolacin O12
Alternative name(s) cycloviolacin T2,varv peptide E
Class Cyclotide
Technique MS,Amino acid analysis
Average Mass 2892.28
Monoisotopic Mass 2890.14
m/z M+H 2892.28
ProteinType Wild type
Organism Viola tricolor
Viola arvensis
Viola baoshanensis
Viola yedoensis
Viola tianshanica
Viola abyssinica
Viola philippica
Viola arcuata
Notes This peptide found in Viola arvensis is also recorded in the UniProtKB entry P83835. Cycloviolacin O12 was also found in the petiole tissue Viola odorata by Aslam et al. (2022) using UPLC-Q-TOF/MS and LC-MS/MS analysis.
Cyclic Yes

Cancer Cell Toxicity
Vitri A, varv A and varv E shown to possess cytotoxic activity in cancer cells. [...]Svangard E et al. (2004) J Nat Prod 67:144-7
All cyclotides tested from V. yedoensis demonstrated anti-HIV activity, with cycloviolacin Y5 being the most potent. [...]Wang CK et al. (2007) J Nat Prod 71:47-52
A range of natural variants were selected based on net charge and/or hydrophobicity and were tested alongside the prototypic cyclotide kB1 in larval development assays with H. contortus and T. colubriformis. [...]Colgrave ML et al. (2008) Chembiochem 9:1939-1945

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Protein precursor(s) cyclotide precursor 6d
cyclotide precursor 7b
cyclotide precursor 7b
Viola baoshanensis cyclotide precursor 6
Viola baoshanensis cyclotide precursor 7
Viola baoshanensis cyclotide precursor 7
cyclotide precursor 6d
Nucleic acids Viola baoshanensis cyclotide precursor 6 mRNA
Viola baoshanensis cyclotide precursor 7 mRNA
cyclotide precursor 6d mRNA
cyclotide precursor 7b mRNA
Links GenBank P83836.1
SwissProt P83836

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