vibi G(358) Protein Card

General Information
Name vibi G
Class Cyclotide
Technique MS,Amino acid analysis
Average Mass 3222.79
Monoisotopic Mass 3220.4
m/z M+H 3222.79
ProteinType Wild type
Organism Viola tricolor
Viola biflora
Psychotria leptothyrsa
Cyclic Yes

Cancer Cell Toxicity
vibi D, E, G and H were analysed using fluorometric microculture cytotoxicity assay using a lymphoma cell line. The IC50 values ranged between 0.96 and 5.0 uM for vibi E, G and H, and vibi D was not cytotoxic at 30 uM. [...]Herrmann A et al. (2008) Phytochemistry 69:939-952

Herrmann A, Burman R, Mylne JS, Karlsson G, Gullbo J, Craik DJ, Clark RJ, Goransson U (2008) The alpine violet, Viola biflora, is a rich source of cyclotides with potent cytotoxicity Phytochemistry 69:939-952
Gerlach SL, Burman R, Bohlin L, Mondal D, Göransson U (2010) Isolation, characterization, and bioactivity of cyclotides from the Micronesian plant Psychotria leptothyrsa J Nat Prod 73:1207-1213
Hellinger,R., Koehbach,J., Soltis,D.E., Carpenter,E.J., Wong,G.K. and Gruber,C.W. (2015) Peptidomics of Circular Cysteine-Rich Plant Peptides: Analysis of the Diversity of Cyclotides from Viola tricolor by Transcriptome and Proteome Mining. J. Proteome Res. 14:4851-4862

Nucleic acids
Links SwissProt P85245

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