cycloviolacin O9(34) Protein Card

General Information
Name cycloviolacin O9
Class Cyclotide
Average Mass 3140.69
Monoisotopic Mass 3138.37
m/z M+H 3139.38
ProteinType Wild type
Organism Viola odorata
Viola biflora
Cyclic Yes

No assays found

Trabi M, Craik DJ (2004) Tissue-specific expression of head-to-tail cyclized miniproteins in Violaceae and structure determination of the root cyclotide Viola hederacea root cyclotide1. Plant Cell 16:2204-16
Craik DJ, Daly NL, Bond T, Waine C (1999) Plant cyclotides: A unique family of cyclic and knotted proteins that defines the cyclic cystine knot structural motif. J Mol Biol 294:1327-36
Ireland DC, Colgrave ML, Craik DJ (2006) A novel suite of cyclotides from Viola odorata: sequence variation and the implications for structure, function and stability. Biochem J. 400:1-12
Herrmann A, Burman R, Mylne JS, Karlsson G, Gullbo J, Craik DJ, Clark RJ, Goransson U (2008) The alpine violet, Viola biflora, is a rich source of cyclotides with potent cytotoxicity Phytochemistry 69:939-952

Protein precursor(s) Vbc5 precursor protein (partial)
Vbc5 precursor protein (partial)
Nucleic acids Vbc5 mRNA, partial cds
Links GenBank P58441.1
SwissProt P58441

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