cycloviolacin O2(21) Protein Card

General Information
Name cycloviolacin O2
Alternative name(s) cO2,CyO2
Class Cyclotide
Technique MS,NGS
Average Mass 3140.69
Monoisotopic Mass 3138.37
m/z M+H 3140.69
ProteinType Wild type
Organism Viola odorata
Hybanthus enneaspermus
Viola baoshanensis
Viola biflora
Viola philippica
Viola uliginosa
Viola arcuata
Viola austrosinensis
Viola anagae
Notes <i>H. enneaspermus</i>: isolated from the plant and fully sequenced by MS/MS (Du et al., 2020).
Cyclic Yes

Motility affected by cyclotides [...]Colgrave ML et al. (2008) Chembiochem 9:1939-1945
A range of natural variants were selected based on net charge and/or hydrophobicity and were tested alongside the prototypic cyclotide kB1 in larval development assays with H. contortus and T. colubriformis. [...]Colgrave ML et al. (2008) Chembiochem 9:1939-1945
Cancer Cell Toxicity
CyO2, CyO13, kalata B1, and varv peptide A exhibited dose-dependent cytotoxicity in MTT assays with IC50 values of 2.15-7.93 uM against human brain astrocytoma cells (U-87 MG) and human bone marrow derived neuroblastoma cells (SH-SY5Y). CyO2 and varv peptide A also sensitized SH-SY5Y and U-87 MG cells to temozolomide (TMZ) which is the only effective chemotherapeutic drug used to treat glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). [...]Gerlach,S.L. et al. (2022) J Nat Prod 85:34-46
Studies using calcein assay and HeLa cells showed that at 10 uM, the increase in calcein leakage is very rapid. [...]Svangard E et al. (2007) J Nat Prod 70:643-647
Psyle A, psyle C, psyle E and cycloviolacin O2 shown to possess cytotoxic activity in cancer cells. [...]Gerlach SL et al. (2010) Biopolymers 94:617-625
Glutamic acid mutant had reduced activity [...]Herrmann A et al. (2006) Cell Mol Life Sci 63:235-45
Cytotoxicity of cyO2, cyO9, hyen D and kB5 and their mutants on HeLa cells. [...]Huang,Y.H. et al. (2021) Molecules 26:0-0
Cycloviolacin O2 showed antitumor effects are minor or absent at tolerable (sublethal) doses, and cycloviolacin O2 has a very abrupt in vivo toxicity profile, with lethality after single injection at 2 mg/kg, but no signs of discomfort to the animals at 1.5 mg/kg. Repeated dosing of 1 mg/kg gave a local-inflammatory reaction at the site of injection after 2–3 days; lower doses were without complications. [...]Burman et al. (2010) Peptide Science 94:626-634
Cell viability and morphology studies on the human lymphoma cell line U-937 GTB showed that cells exposed to cycloviolacin O2 displayed disintegrated cell membranes within 5 min. [...]Svangard E et al. (2007) J Nat Prod 70:643-647
All three cyclotides, varv A, varv F, and cycloviolacin O2, exhibited strong cytotoxic activities, which varied in a dose-dependent manner. [...]Lindholm P et al. (2002) Mol Cancer Ther 1:365-369
Anti-barnacle activity shown for cycloviolacin O2 [...]Goransson U et al. (2004) J Nat Prod 67:1287-90
At a concentration of 25 ºM, a more than 6-fold difference exists between the most hemolyticcyclotide, cycloviolacin O24 (~75% hemolysis), and the least hemolytic cyclotide cycloviolacin O14 (~11% hemolysis). The sensitivity of hemolytic activity to variations in the peptide sequence is evident when comparing cycloviolacin O2 and O13. Here, the only sequence deviation is a single residue substitution of a serine in loop 3 of O2 (HD50 ~36 ºM) to an alanine in the homologous position in O13 (HD50 ~11 ºM). The loss of this single hydroxy group changes the HD50 more than three-fold. [...]Ireland DC et al. (2006) Biochem J. 400:1-12
Cycloviolacin O2 showed antibacterial activity against A. baumannii. [...]Kirkpatrick et al. (2017) Analytical chemistry 89:1194-1201
CyO2,CyO3,CyO13,CyO19 have deterrent activity on M.persicae. [...]Dancewicz et al. (2020) Journal of Insect Physiology 122:104025-0
Membrane Binding Assay
[I11L] mutants of cyO2, cyO9, hyen D and kalata B5 exhibited equipotent binding to the POPC/POPE(80:20) model membrane compared to their wild-type counterparts whereas the [I11G] mutants showed no binding or weak affinity to membranes. [...]Huang,Y.H. et al. (2021) Molecules 26:0-0
Tb3+/DPA Liposome Assay on cycloviolacin O2 showed an effect within minutes [...]Svangard E et al. (2007) J Nat Prod 70:643-647

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Nucleic acids cyclotide c3 precursor
Structure Solution structure of cycloviolacin O2.
Solution structure of the cyclotide cycloviolacin O2
Crystal structure of cycloviolacin O2
Links SwissProt P58434