kalata b1-5(18) Protein Card

General Information
Name kalata b1-5
Class Cyclotide
Average Mass 2626.97
Monoisotopic Mass 2625.03
m/z M+H 2626.04
ProteinType Acyclic permutant
Parent kalata B1
Organism Synthetic
Notes Acyclic permutant in loop 5
Cyclic No

Hemolytic activity for established for kalata B1 but not acyclic permutants [...]Daly NL and Craik DJ (2000) J Biol Chem 275:19068-75
Chemical stability
Kalata B1 and B2 and acyclic permutants were found to be resistant to chemical denaturation in the oxidised state but not when reduced. [...]Colgrave ML and Craik DJ (2004) Biochemistry 43:5965-75
Enzymatic Digest
Resistance to enzymatic digest shown for kalata B1 and acyclic permutants. Reduced protein was susceptible. [...]Colgrave ML and Craik DJ (2004) Biochemistry 43:5965-75
Anti-HIV activity shown for kalata B1 but not for acyclic permutants. [...]Daly NL et al. (2004) FEBS Lett 574:69-72

Daly NL, Gustafson KR, Craik DJ (2004) The role of the cyclic peptide backbone in the anti-HIV activity of the cyclotide kalata B1. FEBS Lett 574:69-72
Colgrave ML, Craik DJ (2004) Thermal, chemical, and enzymatic stability of the cyclotide kalata B1: the importance of the cyclic cystine knot. Biochemistry 43:5965-75
Daly NL, Craik DJ (2000) Acyclic permutants of naturally occurring cyclic proteins. Characterization of cystine knot and beta-sheet formation in the macrocyclic polypeptide kalata B1. J Biol Chem 275:19068-75

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