(99) Assay Card

General Information
Summary All cyclotides tested from V. yedoensis demonstrated anti-HIV activity, with cycloviolacin Y5 being the most potent.
Condition Using a previously described in vitro XTT-based anti-HIV assay, the most abundant cyclotides purified from V. yedoensis were tested to examine their effect on virus-induced killing in HIV-infected cultures.
Result EC50 and IC50 for kalata B1 (0.66, 5.7), varv E (0.35, 4.0), cycloviolacin Y1 (1.2, >4.5), cycloviolacin Y4 (0.12, 1.7), cycloviolacin Y5 (0.04, 1.8)
AssayType Anti-HIV

Wang CK, Colgrave ML, Gustafson KR, Ireland DC, Göransson U, Craik DJ (2007) Anti-HIV Cyclotides from the CHinese Medicinal Herb Viola yedoensis J Nat Prod 71:47-52

Proteins Assayed kalata B1
kalata S
cycloviolacin O12
cycloviolacin Y1
cycloviolacin Y4
cycloviolacin Y5