(98) Assay Card

General Information
Summary Synthetic MCoTI-I and MCoTI-II are both extremely potent trypsin inhibitors. [K10R] mutant has essentially wild-type activity against trypsin, whilst [K10F] and [K10Q] mutants are less active. [K10F] is the only mutant to show significant activity against chymotrypsin in this assay.
Condition NA
Result Activities against trypsin and chymotrypsin. MCoTI-I (29 pM and >10 uM), MCoTI-II (75 pM and >10 uM), MCoTI-II[K10R] (85 pM and >10 uM), MCoTI-II[K10Q] (5 uM and 2 uM), MCoTI-II[K10F] (400 nM and 9.8 nM)
AssayType Protease inhibition

Thongyoo P, Jaulent AM, Tate EW, Leatherbarrow, RJ (2007) Immobilized protease-assisted sysnthesis of engineered cysteine-knot microproteins Chembiochem 8:1107-1109

Proteins Assayed MCoTI-II[K10F]