(94) Assay Card

General Information
Summary All three cyclotides, varv A, varv F, and cycloviolacin O2, exhibited strong cytotoxic activities, which varied in a dose-dependent manner.
Condition A nonclonogenic fluorometric microculture assay was used to examine cytotoxicity in a panel of 10 human tumor cell lines and primary cultures of tumor cells from patients were used to quantify cytotoxic activity.
Result Cycloviolacin 02 was the most potent in all cell lines (IC50 0.1-0.3 microM), followed by varv A (IC50 2.7-6.35 microM) and varv F (IC50 2.6-7.4 microM), respectively.
AssayType Cancer Cell Toxicity

Lindholm P, Goransson U, Johansson S, Claeson P, Gullbo J, Larsson R, Bohlin L, Backlund A (2002) Cyclotides: a novel type of cytotoxic agents. Mol Cancer Ther 1:365-369

Proteins Assayed cycloviolacin O2
kalata S
varv peptide F