(83) Assay Card

General Information
Summary H. armigera larvae fed kalata B1 or kalata B2 exhibited reduced growth and higher mortality rate compared to cyclotide-less diet
Condition H. armigera larvae raised on artificial soybean flour diet. Diets supplemented with either kalata B1, kalata B2 or casein (negative control) at 0.825 umol/g.
Result weight (mg): kalata B1 (112 +- 60), kalata B2 (135 +- 70), control (462 +- 60). mortality (%): kalata B1 (20), kalata B2 (28), control (0)
AssayType Insecticidal

Jennings CV, Rosengren KJ, Daly NL, Plan M, Stevens J, Scanlon MJ, Waine C, Norman DG, Anderson MA, Craik DJ (2005) Isolation, solution structure, and insecticidal activity of kalata B2, a circular protein with a twist: do Mobius strips exist in nature? Biochemistry 44:851-60

Proteins Assayed kalata B1
kalata B2