(77) Assay Card

General Information
Summary Tricyclon A has minimal haemolytic activity
Condition 500 uM of tricyclon A in DMSO, diluted with PBS. Human type A red blood cells, centrifuged. Incubate at 37 degrees Celsius with peptide for 1 hr. Detected by absorbance at 405 nm.
Result HD50 (uM): kalata B1 (100 uM), tricyclon A (minimal)
AssayType Hemolytic

Mulvenna JP, Sando L, Craik DJ (2005) Processing of a 22 kDa Precursor Protein to Produce the Circular Protein Tricyclon A. Structure (Camb) 13:691-701

Proteins Assayed tricyclon A
kalata B1