(71) Assay Card

General Information
Summary Matriptase inhibitory activity of SFTI-2 is 25-fold less potent than native, while SFTI-3 exhibits similar potency.
Condition At 25 degrees Celsius, 100 mM Tris-HCL, pH 8.5, BSA, using fluoresent substrate peptides.
Result Relative matriptase inhibitory activity [Ki (nM)]: SFTI-1 (1), SFTI-2 (25), SFTI-3 (2.5)
AssayType Protease inhibition

Jiang S, Li P, Lee SL, Lin CY, Long YQ, Johnson MD, Dickson RB, Roller PP (2007) Design and synthesis of redox stable analogues of sunflower trypsin inhibitors (SFTI-1) on solid support, potent inhibitors of matriptase. Org Lett 9:9-12

Proteins Assayed SFTI-1