(39) Assay Card

General Information
Summary Susceptibility of SFTI-1 analogues to cleavage by chymotrypsin and tryspin.
Condition Analogues 1 and 2 and acyclic SFTI-1 were incubated in sodium acetate (50 mm) and CaCl2 (20 mm, pH 3.5) with catalytic amounts of enzymes (1 mol%). The incubation was carried out at room temperature, and sample aliquots of the mixture were taken out periodically and submitted to RP-HPLC analysis.
Result Hydrolysis of bonds other the the scissile bond reported for acyclic and analogue SFTI-1
AssayType Enzymatic Digest

Stawikowski M, Stawikowska R, Jaskiewicz A, Zablotna E, Rolka K (2005) Examples of Peptide-Peptoid Hybrid Serine Protease Inhibitors Based on the Trypsin Inhibitor SFTI-1 with Complete Protease Resistance at the P1-P1' Reactive Site. Chembiochem 6:1057-61

Proteins Assayed N-SFTI-1-C