(33) Assay Card

General Information
Summary SFTI-1 immobilised on gold and interaction with trypsin investigated.
Condition SFTI-1 immobilized via a thiol-disulfide exchange reaction onto a gold surface on a quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) chip.
Result The peptide with thiol and disulfide moieties was successfully immobilized onto the gold surface through Py-SS-terminated SAM-modified QCM chip using the thiol functionality. Furthermore, the SFTI-1 anti-trypsin peptide immobilized on the chip surface in this manner could interact with trypsin specifically. This finding shows the possibility of the effective immobilization on the gold surface of more complicated bioactive peptides carrying multi-disulfide bond(s) and their interaction analysis with respective proteins.
AssayType Protease inhibition

Ohtsuka K, Kajiki R, Waki M, Nojima T, Takenaka S (2004) Immobilization of sunflower trypsin inhibitor (SFTI-1) peptide onto a gold surface and analysis of its interaction with trypsin. Analyst 129:888-9

Proteins Assayed SFTI-1