(22) Assay Card

General Information
Summary Cycloviolins A-D shown to possess anti-HIV activity.
Condition Cycloviolins A-D tested against HIV-1 in an XTT-tetrazolium based metabolic screen
Result Cycloviolins A-D showed comparable antiviral activities (EC50 values 130 nM). The direct cytotoxicity of the compounds to the host cells (CEM-SS) was also comparable to that of circulins A and B (IC50 values 560 nM).
AssayType Anti-HIV

Hallock YF, Sowder RC 2nd, Pannell LK, Hughes CB, Johnson DG, Gulakowski R, Cardellina JH 2nd, Boyd MR (2000) Cycloviolins A-D, anti-HIV macrocyclic peptides from Leonia cymosa. J Org Chem 65:124-8

Proteins Assayed cycloviolin A
cycloviolin B
cycloviolin C
cycloviolin D