(2) Assay Card

General Information
Summary Anti-HIV activity shown for kalata B1 but not for acyclic permutants.
Condition An in vitro XTT-based anti-HIV assay was used to examine the effect of kalata B1 and its acyclic permutants on virus-induced cell killing in HIV-infected cultures.
Result Anti-HIV assays were performed on synthetic kalata B1 with the highest concentration of sample tested being 3500 nM. Kalata B1 effectively inhibited the cytopathic effects of HIV-1 infection in cultured human T-lymphoblast (CEM-SS) cells. The antiviral cytoprotective concentration (EC50) of synthetic kalata B1 is approximately 140 nM, while the cytotoxic concentration (IC50) was greater than 3500 nM. Interestingly, the IC50 of kalata B1 was >3500 nM, whereas IC50s of approx 500-1500 nM were observed for the circulins
AssayType Anti-HIV

Daly NL, Gustafson KR, Craik DJ (2004) The role of the cyclic peptide backbone in the anti-HIV activity of the cyclotide kalata B1. FEBS Lett 574:69-72

Proteins Assayed kalata B1
kalata b1-2
kalata b1-3
kalata b1-5
kalata b1-6a
kalata b1-6b