(178) Assay Card

General Information
Summary The toxicity of the cyclotides (anpy A, anpy B, cyO4, and cyO17) against human red blood cells.
Condition Refer to "Hemolytic Assay" in the "Experimental section".
Result Anpy A was the most hemolytic with an HD50 of 22 uM (19.56-22.84), while the other three were less active in the range of concentrations tested (anpy B, HD50 > 78 uM; cyO4 and cyO17, HD50 > 156 uM). The HD50 value of mellitin, a positive control, is 2.14 uM (1.99-2.32).
AssayType Hemolytic

Fernández-Bobey,A., Pinto,M., de Almeida,L.C., de Souza,B.M., Dias,N.B., de Paula-Souza,J., Cilli,E.M., Lopes,N.P., Costa-Lotufo,L.V., Palma,M.S., and da Silva Bolzani,V. (2022) Cytotoxic Cyclotides from Anchietea pyrifolia, a South American Plant Species. J Nat Prod 85:2127-2134

Proteins Assayed anpy C
anpy B
anpy A
cycloviolacin O17
cycloviolacin O4