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General Information
Summary Cytotoxic activity against human cancer cell lines of anpy A, anpy B, anpy C, cyO4 and cyO17
Condition Cytotoxic activity of anpy A, anpy B, anpy C, cyO4 and cyO17 were evaluated by a cytotoxicity assay against three human cancer cells lines including two colorectal carcinoma cell lines (HCT 116 and HCT 116 TP53?/? ) and a breast adenocarcinoma cell line (MCF 7). Refer to "Cytotoxicity assay" in the "Experimental Section" for more details.
Result The cytotoxic activity of the reported cyclotides for the two cancer colon carcinoma cell lines was ranked as follows: cyO17 > anpy C > cyO4 > anpy B > anpy A. IC50(uM) of peptides to HCT 116 cells: anpy A: 2.3 (1.95-2.88); anpy B: 1.4 (1.24-1.63); anpy C: 1.1 (0.93-1.28); cyO4: 1.4 (1.25-1.74); cyO17: 0.8 (0.63-1.04) and dox.(control): 0.2 (0.14-0.25). IC50(uM) of peptides to HCT 116 TP53-/- cells: anpy A: 2.6 (2.35-3.03); anpy B: 2.3 (2.17-2.55); anpy C: 1.3 (1.21-1.42); cyO4: 2.1 (2.02-2.30); cyO17: 1.2 (1.09-1.40) and dox.(control): 0.3 (0.23-0.52). IC50(uM) of peptides to MCF7: anpy A: 5.1 (3.94-6.77); anpy B: 7.3 (3.87-14.02); anpy C: 5.8 (4.07-8.31); cyO4: 7.1 (4.19-11.92); cyO17: 5.6 (3.43-9.34) and dox.(control): 0.5 (0.31-1.27).
AssayType Cancer Cell Toxicity

Fernández-Bobey,A., Pinto,M., de Almeida,L.C., de Souza,B.M., Dias,N.B., de Paula-Souza,J., Cilli,E.M., Lopes,N.P., Costa-Lotufo,L.V., Palma,M.S., and da Silva Bolzani,V. (2022) Cytotoxic Cyclotides from Anchietea pyrifolia, a South American Plant Species. J Nat Prod 85:2127-2134

Proteins Assayed anpy C
anpy B
anpy A
cycloviolacin O17
cycloviolacin O4