(137) Assay Card

General Information
Summary DC1-3 demonstrated potent cytotoxicity in prostate cancer cells and DC3 had a lowest IC50 value.
Condition The prostate cancer cells were incubated in a 96 well flat-bottomed microtiter plate (2 × 103). After 12 h of culture, the cells were treated with cyclotides at a dose (μM) of 0.1, 0.5, 1, 4, 10 and 20, in 200 μl media for 72h. Cell viability was evaluated with Cell Counting Kit-8 (Beyotime) according to the protocol of the manufacture. After treated with CCK8 at 37°C for 1 hour, three kinds of prostate cells were used to measure the absorbency at 450 nm using a microplate reader (MD, USA).
Result IC50 of DC1 against LNcap, PC3 and DU145 is 5.03,2.24,3.32μM. IC50 of DC2 against LNcap, PC3 and DU145 is 4.31,2.65,3.11μM. IC50 of DC2 against LNcap, PC3 and DU145 is 0.21,0.76,0.55μM.
AssayType Cancer Cell Toxicity

Hu E, Wang D, Chen J, Tao X. (2015) Novel cyclotides from Hedyotis diffusa induce apoptosis and inhibit proliferation and migration of prostate cancer cells Int J Clin Exp Med 8:4059-4065

Proteins Assayed DC1