Cter R(600) Protein Card

General Information
Name Cter R
Alternative name(s) cliotide T7
Class Cyclotide
Technique PcR,NGS,MS
Average Mass 3228.84
Monoisotopic Mass 3226.45
m/z M+H 3228.84
ProteinType Wild type
Organism Clitoria ternatea L
Notes Induces upregulation of inflammatory cytokines in THP-1 cells stimulated with LPS. (Nguyen et al., 2016) May exist as a mature linear peptide. (Serra et al., 2016) Observed PTMs: N-terminal acetylation, de-amidation N14, hexosylation S22. (Serra et al., 2016) Highly expressed in C. ternatea root and seed. (Gilding et al. 2016)
Cyclic Yes

No assays found

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Serra,A., Hemu,X., Nguyen,G.K., Nguyen,N.T., Sze,S.K. and Tam,J.P. (2016) A high-throughput peptidomic strategy to decipher the molecular diversity of cyclic cysteine-rich peptides. Sci Rep 6:23005-0
Gilding,E.K., Jackson,M.A., Poth,A.G., Henriques,S.T., Prentis,P.J., Mahatmanto,T. and Craik,D.J. (2016) Gene coevolution and regulation lock cyclic plant defence peptides to their targets. New Phytol. 210:717-730

Protein precursor(s) Cter R precursor
Nucleic acids
Links SwissProt P86903